Bookkeeping Services

| January 30, 2013

You Dial Our Number, We Will Do the Rest

We Provide Bookkeeping Services

Accurate and timely financial statements begin with a strong accounting system. We can help you in several ways. Most important, Potts & Company can help you have more time for your life.

Potts & Company can become your company’s accounting department. We can process your vendor checks, payroll checks, and even your billing. We can reconcile your bank statements, your credit card statements, and prepare the reports you are required to file with governmental agencies. But most importantly, we can prepare your company’s financial statements that provide you with accurate and timely management information for your decision-making that can significantly increase the profit and cash flow of your business.

Some businesses won’t need Potts & Company to write their checks or process their payroll. You might be one of these businesses. But because of the difficulty of finding trained bookkeepers you might want Potts & Company to input your business transactions into journals and a general ledger where a quality financial statement can be produced each month.

Other businesses might have a great bookkeeper yet feel more secure having an outside certified public accountant review their books and make sure they’re maintained accurately and to provide accountability to their existing bookkeeper.

Potts & Company can help you whether you need a bookkeeper, controller, or chief financial officer when you are not quite ready to hire one full-time. All you need to do is dial 479-648-2846.

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