Business Systems Design, Documentation, and Implementation

| February 10, 2013

Do You Own a Business or Have a Job?

Potts & Company can help you design, document and implement your company’s business systems so your business runs like clockwork.

Business vernacular has buzzwords that are sometimes difficult to understand. For example, what is a “business model”? If you asked a dozen people you would get a dozen different explanations. Business systems has become another business buzzword where the definition gets blurry at times. Here is one definition of business systems you will find if you search the internet: A methodical procedure or process that is used as a delivery mechanism for providing specific goods or services to customers. This definition doesn’t make the concept of business systems very clear to most people.

Here is another way to understand the nature of business systems. Think McDonald’s. Each McDonald’s is basically the same and I’ve never seen a franchise owner hang around the store to tell everybody what to do. McDonald’s, like most franchisors, has a well developed “instruction manual”, documented business systems and policies that make it possible to consistently reproduce the customer experience a billion or more times over. Potts & Company thinks of business systems and policies as pre-made business decisions communicated to your business team so that nobody has to waste energy deciding what to do. What you do to deliver excellent products and service to your customers and clients has been decided previously, its in the manual, and everybody knows what to do.

Ask yourself this question,”Am I ready to franchise my business?”

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