Growth Strategies

| February 10, 2013

Growing Pains?

Potts & Company can help you grow without ripping your britches.

A business with fast growth can experience more cash flow issues than a business struggling to make the next sale just to survive. Growing fast strains every facet of a business when growth comes unexpectedly or without prior planning.

In order to grow your business at accelerating rates without running off your customers, taking calls from vendors demanding payment, and going home to face complaints from your spouse that your aren’t very attentive anymore, business growth needs to be anticipated and you need to invest in your business ahead of growth, not when the pain from growth in so intense that everybody is screaming.

Potts & Company can assist you in anticipating your business growth pain points by working with you to develop financial projections. Financial projections help you look into the future to see when you might need to go to the bank and borrow money for working capital, increase the size of your facility, or to purchase equipment that will be required to support your growth. Potts & Company can help you develop budgets and to develop key performance indicators to manage your business. Potts & Company can help your company grow.

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