For over 36 years, we have worked with hundreds of privately owned and family businesses. Most of these businesses, at one time or the other, have called us to ask for advice covering a variety of business issues. These business owners call us because we have earned their trust by listening intently to their problems, working hard with them to find the best solution, and keeping our mouths shut. We believe your business is your business, and all we want to do is help.

Potts, Inc. promotes a learning culture in our firm. We work hard to make sure we are highly trained and knowledgeable in many areas of business and management subjects. We don’t pretend to know your business better than you know it. However, we have tools, and we have knowledge on how to apply those tools, with your participation, to help you solve your business problems.

Growing Pains? We can help you grow without ripping your pants. We can assist you in anticipating your business growth pain points by working with you to develop financial projections. Financial projections help you look into the future to see when you might need to go to the bank and borrow money for working capital, increase the size of your facility, or to purchase equipment that will be required to support your growth. We can help you develop budgets and to develop key performance indicators to manage your business.

In short, Potts, Inc. can help your company grow.

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