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The Internal Revenue Code, depending on who you turn to for your answer, is approximately 1,337 pages in small type. The accompanying regulations are 24 volumes, and it’s not an easy reading. The team at Potts, Inc. is experienced and knowledgeable about income tax laws and regulations. We are committed to staying informed as the tax laws change. We do this through continuing education courses and lots of reading. Our goal is to make sure you and your business pays the lowest income tax possible so you can sleep without worry.

Business taxes are demanding. Whether your business is structured as a proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, S corporation, C corporation, or you own multiple companies, we know how to prepare your income tax returns the right way. Just like people, businesses have a life cycle. If your business is a new startup venture, we can help. If your business is a cash cow, we can help. If your business needs to be closed down and liquidated, we can help.

Have you ever considered the benefits of tax planning for your business? It is easier to save taxes during the current year than it is after the year ends. When the year ends, all an accountant can do is work with your work and business history in preparing your income tax returns. We are good historians – we will look back through the year to help you find the best tax situation available for you, and we prepare your income tax returns. However, the smartest thing to do is speak with an accountant during the year. We can help you get the facts necessary to make good decisions on how to arrange your business affairs so that you can achieve the lowest possible income tax bill.

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