Business Advice 1

Potts & Company understands business.

For 30 years we have worked with hundreds of privately owned and family businesses. Most of these businesses, at one time or the other, has called us to ask for advice covering a variety of business issues. These business owners call us because we have earned their trust.

Potts & Company earned this trust by listening intently to their problems, working hard with them to find the best solution, and we keep our mouths shut. We believe your business is your business.

We also believe in order to earn our clients’ trust that we have to have the knowledge and experience to make sure any advice given is good advice. That’s why Potts & Company promotes a learning culture in our firm. We work hard to make sure we are highly trained and knowledgeable in many areas of business and management subjects.

Of course we can’t know everything. We don’t pretend to know your business more than you know your business. But we have tools and knowledge on how to apply those tools with your participation to help you solve your business problems. And what we don’t know, we can help you select the professional in the right discipline to make sure your problem is solved.

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