Business Valuation 1

Business valuation, if done right, is more than putting a few numbers in a formula and calling the resulting number the company’s value.

The value of a business is based on the expected future benefits accruing to the business’s owner(s). A business valuation done right requires the person valuing the business to analyze the economy and industry in which the business operates. The business valuator must analyze the company’s current financial position to determine the company’s future prospects. In the end, what you end up with is the business valuator’s opinion of the company’s value. If you are relying on the business valuator’s opinion, you want a business valuator with experience and sound judgment.

T. David Potts is a certified public accountant accredited in business valuation by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. David has more than thirty years of experience working with multitudes of businesses analyzing their financial situations and advising them in financial and tax matters. He has experience as an expert witness in the field of business valuation and he has experience as a master, working on behalf of the court. He also has experience on the front lines as a business broker. In the end, he has the experience and the sound judgment required to provide you with a expert opinion of your company’s value.