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Are You Feeling Overwhelmed and Frustrated? Are You Beginning to Hate the Day You Bought QuickBooks?

Potts & Company Can Help You With Your QuickBooks Needs

Life with QuickBooks was simpler in 1984. Today, when you open QuickBooks 2013 for Windows, it can be a bit overwhelming. It is difficult to know where to start. But don’t give up. QuickBooks is a wonderful program full of bells and whistles. If you are a new user, you just need to ease into QuickBooks and realize that with any program, you have to learn one thing at a time.

The most important step for a business to have success with QuickBooks is in the initial setup. If not setup correctly, there will be much cleanup work down the road if you want your accounting to be accurate. Yet for the beginner, this is when you know the least about QuickBooks, the proverbial Catch-22. This is when a wise person would take one of the most important steps possible to insure their QuickBooks success- Call Potts & Company for assistance.

Potts & Company always has a QuickBooks ProAdvisor on staff. A ProAdvisor must maintain their knowledge of QuickBooks and is tested for competency. With our years of experience as certified public accountants working with small businesses and their bookkeeping and accounting needs combine with our QuickBooks knowledge, you immediately understand our value to you once we are engaged to help you.